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Swedish-born MOA is a performer, writer and producer. Her unique brand of Bipolar Pop brings you along on the thrilling and terrifying ride of life with Bipolar disorder.

MOA first started creating Bipolar Pop in 2020, resulting in her fierce debut single ”Reload”. Since then, her craftsmanship has reached new heights, but there is no mistaking MOA’s sound. The powerful drum patterns, the pop drenched melodies and the dark unforgiving truths of her lyrics - it’s all part of the Bipolar Pop she has been known for since the very beginning.

MOA’s fearless vocals, heart wrenching lyrics and anthemic arrangements are sure to make you remember her name. Come along as she talks you through a panic attack, dances you through a messy party and licks your wounds after a manic episode. MOA will be there to hold your hand. Her ultimate goal, to de-stigmatize mental health challenges, and to cater to the un-catered, is in the forefront of every single one of her creations. MOA is, and will no doubt remain, one of the most honest and bold creators of the pop scene.

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