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Scream and Soulside

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Scream, Soulside

Scream & Soulside w/ support from Blind Eye at The Boat Club, Trentside North, Nottingham NG2 5FJ Thursday 9th May, Doors 8pm Two giants of earlier days in the Dischord Records history. Both bands featured in one of my favourite periods of musical history / endeavour. SCREAM formed in 1981 and played Nottingham twice in the late 80s before initially breaking up when Skeeter Thompson went MIA and Dave Grohl jumped ship to Nirvana. SOULSIDE or Soul Side formed in '85 and hit Notts on their 1989 tour. They were also the first independent band to tour the Eastern Bloc extensively. They still have the same booker and there's a book you can buy about the original tour from Akashic https://www.akashicbooks.com/catalog/soulside-washington-dc-1986-1989. I was lucky enough to see that tour and it felt very formative. Saw them again in 2019 and felt like it was a year later. Couldn't say the same about Scream until now - both bands released great records last year and are headed to play the Boat Club. In between first and pending visits to these shores members of both went on to form and play in Girls Against Boys, Wool, Rain Like The Sound of Trains, Rain, Nirvana, New Wet Kojak and Sevens. Opening act will be Nottingham's own BLIND EYE. Formed by guitarist Andy Morgan (also from Bloody Head, Army Of Flying Robots, Endless Grinning Skulls and countless more), drummer Steve Charlesworth (Heresy, Wolves Of Greece, Meatfly, Geriatric Unit, Endless Grinning Skulls), vocalist Anmarie Spaziano (who you might know from running a famous burger joint) and now with added Matt Grundy (Nadir, Dead In The Woods). As well as their own self-created musical legacies, Blind Eye recall classic American hardcore like Bad Brains, Poison Idea and Jerry’s Kids or Japanese ragers like Paintbox, The Comes, Eiefits and Skizophrenia. But there’s also a healthy slug of classic UK and US punk and even a bit of Krautrock.

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