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O2 Academy, Birmingham

The Dead South

Birmingham - O2 Academy


Venue Information:


O2 Academy Birmingham restrict the age of those attending to children aged 8 years old and over due to sound levels and crowd profiles. We strongly discourage bringing any child under the age of 8 to shows unless agreed in writing with the Venue Management in advance of the show. To attend a show unaccompanied you must be over the age of 14.
Children (8-13) attending shows should have appropriate ear protection provided by their legal guardian. The Venues do not provide suitable protection for younger patrons. Accompanying adults should be confident that the child will not cause disruption to other patrons and may be asked to leave the venue if they do so without refund.
Patrons with a child / children under 8 arriving at the venue without any prior contact and appropriate hearing protection will need to speak with the duty manager who will assess the situation. If the duty manager feels that there is no way to accommodate the child safely in the venue due to sound levels, crowd profile, type of act etc. then they have the right to refuse entry without a refund.
Children aged 8 - 13 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or over and each adult can bring up to 2 under 14’s under their supervision. We strongly recommend that under 14’s attend Academy 1 shows with balcony tickets wherever possible for the safety, comfort and viewing experience of the child.
Children who appear to look under the age of 14 that arrive at a show and cannot prove they are 14 or over may be refused entry depending on the type of show. This decision will be made by the duty manager. Parents will be called to collect their child if the show is not suitable for the person to attend unaccompanied. No refund will be given in this instance.
Some events have restrictions in place with admittance permissible to over 16’s/18’s or 21’s and no exceptions will be made on the doors. Please ensure you read all the show details prior to booking tickets as refunds cannot be made in this case.
The Venue Management have the right to refuse entry without a refund.

Disability information:

This venue offer free companion tickets. To arrange this please contact the venue on 0121 622 8250 or email disabledbookings@o2academybirmingham.co.uk

For more information please click here.

Venue Address:

O2 Academy
16-18 Horsefair
Bristol Street

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