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Fallow Café, Manchester

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Venue Information:

Fallow is a small but perfectly formed bar and live music venue in the heart of Fallow-field.
Fallow is open from 11am weekdays and 9am weekends for breakfasts/brunch/lunch/dinner/tea/supper " whatever you call those fine and tasty things.
Upstairs, we host live bands, small but perfectly formed club nights, open mic sessions, quiz nights, film screenings and can host private or public parties of any (legal) nature.
Fallow is, in no particular order;
An oasis of civility, a great bunch of lovely, clever, talented and easy-going staff, marvellous food, a pretty great coffee machine, prices that won’t break the most fragile of piggy bank, music to put a spring in your step and management that give a damn.
Lived in without being beat up. Timeless but not tired. It’s a perfect hangout. It goes without saying (but let’s say it anyway) " we are really proud of this place.

Venue Address:

Fallow Café
2A Landcross Rd
M14 6NA

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