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alt.'s Albums of the Year (p1)

By alt.tickets

Posted on Friday 10th December 2021 at 16:56

As we wave goodbye to 2021 and look forward to 2022 and all the great shows on offer, we thought it would be the perfect time to bring you our favourite albums of the year!

Here at alt. tickets we keep our fingers on the pulse, with weekly updates of all our favourite releases, but when it came to recapping a whole year of excellent music it was hard to narrow it down to just over 30 of our team's top picks! We've made some tough decisions and we have such a great list, so without further ado here is part one.


Samantha Fish - Faster

For fans of: Beth Hart, Joe Bonnamasa, Larkin Poe

Released: 10th September

What the critics say: "She relishes her position of power. It brings her happiness to be in charge. Fish enjoys being faster and louder than the rest and succeeds at doing so." - Pop Matters

Stand out track: Twisted Ambition

See Samantha Fish on her UK tour next year. TICKETS HERE.

Viagra Boys - Welfare Jazz

For fans of: shame, Fontanies D.C., Sleaford Mods

Released: 8th January

What the critics say: "If 2018 debut ‘Street Worms’ was your party-loving, gobby little brother, ‘Welfare Jazz’ is the well-to-do, country-loving cousin who’s ready to buckle up and not look back." - NME

Stand out track: Ain't Nice

See Viagra Boys live in Brighton next year. TICKETS HERE.

wych elm - Rabbit Wench

For fans of: JOHN, Sorry, Do Nothing

Released: 24th September

What the critics say: "Many of the deep-rooted issues around gender inequality and the one-sided power games between the sexes are investigated here in a way that’s so explicit that it will make the listener feel horribly uncomfortable. But these are uncomfortable subjects that require difficult conversations and actions - and wych elm tackle them full on in this brave and devastating record." - Even The Stars

Stand out track: Scolds Bridle

See wych elm live in Bristol next week and London in January. TICKETS HERE.

James Blunt - The Stars Beneath My Feet

For fans of: Ed Sheeran, The Script, James Morrison

Released: 19th November

What James says: “Amazingly, I’m releasing my Greatest Hits. I wanted to call it ‘Greatest Hit (& Songs I Wish You’d Heard)’, but the good people at Atlantic Records suggested I call it something more sensible, so it’s called ‘The Stars Beneath My Feet’."

Stand out track: Love Under Pressure

See James Blunt on his UK tour next year. TICKETS HERE.

Chloe Moriondo - Blood Bunny

For fans of: dodie, Cavetown, beabadoobee

Released: 7th May

What the critics say: "Whether channelling her larger-than-life musical heroes or shrouding her music in something more subtle, Moriondo’s lyricism shines through." - NME

Stand out track: I Eat Boys

See Chloe Moriondo live in Nottingham and Bristol next year. TICKETS HERE.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - To Carry A Whale

For fans of: Lucy Rose, S. Carey, William Fitzsimmons

Released: 17th June

What the critics say: A genuine sense of gratitude and appreciation of life itself is made deafeningly clear even in the more sombre and dark moments on this record, which again reveals his newfound attitude. Serving up an audible ‘chill pill’, ‘To Carry A Whale’ is sure to bring comfort to many by exposing a distinct rawness that reflects an essential form of self-development. As Leftwich describes, “My heart has always been in the songs. Now my head is in them as well.” - Clash

Stand out track: Cherry In Tacoma

See Benjamin Francis Leftwich live in Nottingham and Cardiff next year. TICKETS HERE.

Dry Cleaning - New Long Leg

For fans of: Squid, Goat Girl, Black Country New Road

Released: 2nd April

What the critics say: "The everyday becomes poetic on this intensely original album of post-punk shape-shifting from the south London foursome."- The Observer

Stand out track: Scratchcard Lanyard

See Dry Cleaning live in Leeds and Nottingham next year. TICKETS HERE.

Jake Bugg - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

For fans of: Miles Kane, Jamie T, The Vaccines

Released: 20th August

What the critics say: "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning marks a huge comeback for Jake Bugg. The record as a whole combines Bugg’s classic heartfelt blues influences with various ballads and a contemporary pop finish." - Gigwise

Stand out track: Rabbit Hole

See Jake Bugg live in Nottingham & Bristol next year. TICKETS HERE.

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