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Diet Cig Interview

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Posted on Wednesday 24th June 2020 at 14:24

Set to head to the UK this November for live dates in Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester and Brighton, we caught up with the New York duo to chat about their new album, what we can expect from their tour and the music, movies, TV shows and podcasts that have been keeping them busy recently!

Congrats on the release of your new album! Does it feel any different releasing ‘Do You Wonder About Me?’ to ‘Swear I’m Good At This’?

"Thank you!!! It does feel a little different, especially because when we released SIGAT we were on the road so much pretty immediately! To run a whole album announce/release cycle virtually has forced us to get really creative, making tiktok dance challenges, having a virtual album release party, playing so many livestream sets… It’s been so different! All the wild outside factors aside though, I think we felt a lot more self assured with this album, we felt a lot more confident that our fans would be stoked on it! I think we’ve just gotten to know them so much deeper in the past few years which really boosted our confidence"


The album artwork is awesome! How important is artist aesthetic to you and how do you go about choosing art to accompany your music?

"Ugh we love the album art too, Dessy Baeva did such a great job! The aesthetic is super important to us, we do a lot of visual art outside of making music so I think we’re both really drawn to striking visuals. We also got to work with Shannon Levin on our logo and some other typography for merch + beyond which was really exciting! I had just followed both of them on ig and was really inspired by their work— we connected and here we are!"


You’ve mentioned before the idea of trying to shed “imposter syndrome” – how did you go about this?

"I think growing up is just slowly shredding the imposter syndrome, layer by layer. I think playing live for us and engaging directly with our fans have made us feel very validated in making our art. To know that something we made has resonated with even one person makes us feel so much more confident and we’re so beyond grateful to our fans for that"


Your UK tour is coming up this November, for people that have never seen you live before, what can they expect from your live shows?

"We’ll be performing as a four piece band! Drums, guitar, synth, bass, and lots of vocals. We love to put on a high energy show, and really connect with the crowd. We have lots of big, rocking moments punctuated by a few quieter, emotional vignettes, we like to keep things feeling dynamic, and have the audience feeling like they’re always on their toes. Ideally you’ll get a chance to laugh, dance, cry, and dance some more!"


We’re currently creating an alt. tickets Social Distancing Survival Guide – where we choose 3 albums, 3 movies, a boxset and a podcast – what would your choices be?



Melodrama - Lorde

Commit This to Memory - Motion City Soundtrack 

Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World



The Devil Wears Prada





The Simpsons Season 3



I want to say The Daily from NYT because I probably listen to it the most but….. I do love Say Bible Podcast which is all about the Kardashians lol! My not so guilty pleasure"


Tickets for Diet Cig's November UK tour dates are on sale now! Buy yours here. 

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