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Posted on Monday 18th November 2019 at 16:45

Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings embark on a UK wide tour this week, which includes shows in Bristol, London, Brighton, Leamington Spa and Manchester.

Best known for his work with multi-award winning, contemporary, folk band Bellowhead, Boden was the lead arranger and embraced a wide diversity of influences – between himself and John Spiers, they played over 20 instruments.

His shows with The Remnant Kings, however, incorporate tracks from the likes of Songs From The Floodplain – tales of post-apocalyptic, post-industrial wasteland across a dozen tracks. These songs, intertwined with those from his ‘A Folk Song A Day’ project, are often followed by Boden and several members of the audience singing traditional folk songs unaccompanied.

While Bellowhead used brassy, traditional methods to convey their folk sound, Boden’s solo endeavor has been incredibly atypical and allowed him to experiment with the unusual – as proven with the dystopian Songs From The Floodplain.

Latest record, Rose In June, was released earlier this month and has been referred to as combining his progressive instincts while demonstrating traditional British folk. Taking us on journeys of hardship, visionary descriptors, building choruses and grizzly humour; Jon Boden proves his musical prowess in elegant fashion as a perfectly timed preview ahead of the tour.

His upcoming dates see The Remnant Kings visit some of the most picturesque venues in the UK; kicking things off at Bristol’s St. George’s on 20th November, he arrives at RNCM, Manchester on 24th November via Union Chapel (21/11), The Old Market, Brighton (22/11) and Leamington Spa’s Royal Spa Centre (23/11).

Final tickets for Jon Boden & The Remnant Kings are available here.

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