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My Dream Festival

By alt.tickets

Posted on Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 14:44

Since this year's festival season was a bit of a non-starter, we're filling the gap by daydreaming of our perfect festivals. So in this series, we're asking some of our friends to plan their ultimate festival, from line-up and location to food and drink!

Next up, DHP Family's Junior Designer Nat Baker talks us through what would be her Dream Festival!

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I have no other option but to choose Scooter to open at my ultimate festival, due to the fact I’d need them to play their pertinently named new single ‘FCK 2020’ to get the party started.


For my up and coming artist I have to choose the fantastic female duo that is IDER. They were one of the last artists I saw live (at Bodega!) before the first lockdown, and they’ve been a frequent lockdown listen for me.


Deftones always put on an incredibly atmospheric, melancholy festival performance (especially if it’s raining, which it always is at Download). They’re one of my favourite artists to watch live and would be a must-have at my ultimate festival.

Craig David

Craig David is my not so guilty pleasure. Seeing him perform a DJ set late into the evening at Kendal Calling was a festival highlight for me, so I’d definitely choose Craigy D to bring all of the good vibes, which are most definitely needed right now.

Enter Shikari 

I miss doing the “Sorry You’re Not a Winner” clap with thousands of other sweaty festival goers. When things are somewhat back to normal and my summer is again filled with festivals, I feel like that sound echoing throughout a muddy festival field would be euphoric. It also helps that Enter Shikari are an unbelievably good live band and always put on a headliner worthy performance. 


The best festival surroundings I’ve ever experienced have got to be at Rise Festival, where I saw So Solid Crew and Miss Dynamite in the French Alps. I’d therefore have to say some sort of snowy mountain range for the location. Might be a tad cold when it came to camping though.


I always say when I’m feeling a bit fragile at a festival that I crave cheesy pasta, not Mac and Cheese though (there’s always a Mac and Cheese stand!), but just a nice bit of spaghetti and mature cheddar or something. So I’d choose a food stall that sold all of the cheesy pasta, to fulfil my hungover dreams.


Jäger. Just lots of Jäger.


My favourite festival has got to be without a doubt 2000 Trees. It has the perfect fusion of all types of rock music, as well as showcasing some great up and coming artists. As the name suggests 2000 Trees sits in a tranquil woodland setting, with the forest stage featuring stripped back acoustic sets from massive artists such as The Xcerts and Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. Finally, and probably most importantly, at night the entire festival turns into a massive greebo silent disco, the dream.


The best festival act I’ve ever seen has got to be Die Antwoord, especially when they played the fitting festival setting of the Lions Den at Boomtown. Another memorable performance was when they came out on stage with a giant inflatable penis at Leeds fest.

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