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Posted on Friday 19th February 2021 at 13:28

Another Friday means a whole host of new music released for your listening pleasure! This week, we check some ace new music by Tash Sultana, Field Music, The Reytons and Porridge Radio.


Tash Sultana – Terra Firma

Described by themself as “Erykah Badu meets Bon Iver, meets John Mayer, meets whatever”, Terra Firma is the second album from Aussie busker-turned-worldwide-headliner, Tash Sultana, written & recorded over 200+ days during lockdown. Two & a half years on from their debut, this second full length crosses genres and builds delectable soundscapes just like their debut, Flow State, but it also seems to reach into darker & moodier places that were perhaps reachable thanks to the period of isolation & self-reflection faced in 2020. Despite being crafted during a period of hiatus for live music, it is easy to be transported to the electric & inimitable atmosphere of a Tash Sultana live show or the hazy days of summer festivals when listening to the tracks on Terra Firma. As a multi-instrumentalist, Tash’s musical ability is second-to-none and showcased throughout the entire record, with instruments multi-layered and topped by their delicate vocals & poetic lyrics.


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Field Music – No Pressure

Field Music have just announced brand new album “Flat White Moon”, due for release in April. With that announcement also came their latest single, No Pressure. The song is knowingly referential of its influences, and the video heightens that element even more. A brilliant accompaniment to a great song, the video parodies YouTube “how to play” videos in a hilarious way, with subtitled captions of the band offering tips on how to play the song and as the video’s title card (of lime green comic sans) suggests, “How To Make A Field  Music Song”. Throughout the closed captions, the band make quips about how they’re referencing Status Quo, or being “Beatlesque” as well as their own playing (in the middle eighth, the drummer remarks that this was where his drums were deleted from the recording). Watch it for a truly enjoyable 5 minutes.


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Porridge Radio – Let’s Not Fight ! b/w Strong Enough

Porridge Radio have teamed up with Irish artist Piglet for 2-track single, Let’s Not Fight ! b/w Strong Enough. The tracks were released as part of the deluxe edition of their stand-out Mercury nominated album Every Bad, released last year, and with lead singer Dana Margolin’s distinguishable vocals & repeated lyrics they have a very familiar feel to them, particularly on Strong Enough. The band’s sound is enhanced by Piglet’s more experimental approach, which pushes them even further past boundaries that the Brighton 4-piece have already explored. Both artists have remarked on a mutual appreciation of one another’s music and that the collab had felt like a long time coming.


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The Reytons – May Seriously Harm You and Others Around You

On this 6-track EP, The Reytons provide a collection of wonderfully crafted indie lad bangers. Both lyrically and musically, the opening three tracks are reminiscent of early days Arctic Monkeys & The Charlatans, the former perhaps unsurprisingly seeing as the EP was produced by Alan Smyth who’s past credits include working on Arctic Monkey’s early demos and helping to form their sound, as well as working on their seminal debut and with numerous other indie-rock heavyweights. With lyrical themes of a night out throughout the release, The Reytons will have you craving a pint with your mates in the future while simultaneously making you feel nostalgic for the early 00s hey-day of British indie.


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