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Posted on Friday 2nd July 2021 at 17:00

What a week for new music! We've been searching out some of the latest tracks, EPs and albums so you don't have to. Highlights include Snapped Ankles, Desperate Journalist, SPINN and Villagers. Read and hear more below!

Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles return to the forest, but it’s not as they left it. Trees planted in neat rows. A well-ordered monoculture with access roads and heavy machinery. The smell of greenwashed money in the air. There’s no sign of the ancient woodland they emerged from on debut album, Come Play The Trees. And it’s far cry from the gentrified East London they found themselves hawking on Stunning Luxury. All is not well in the face of progress. Welcome to the 'Forest Of Your Problems'.

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Desperate Journalist

Sardonic post-punk revivalists Desperate Journalist present their fourth studio album. ‘Maximum Sorrow!’ is a sleek, stylish display of post-punk that serves as a backdrop to witty, bittersweet lyrics from Jo Bevan, and is sure to not only further cement the London quartet’s stellar reputation with critics, but also expand their fanbase.

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SPINN are back with a new EP, and it's a corker. As Far Out Magazine, who premiered the EP, perfectly put it "the band are pop in the best possible sense: gigantic choruses, catchy melodies, feverishly optimistic lyrics, heart-pounding rhythms, and a carefree bounce that can only come from four young idealised lads with an incredibly bright future ahead of them."

It may have been 2019 since these lads played live, but armed with this new EP, we can't wait to see them later this year.

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As the release of Villagers’ fifth album Fever Dreams edges closer, Conor O’Brien has unveiled a new track. 'So Simpatico', begins with twinkling glockenspiel and intimate vocals, before swelling to a transformative and mesmerizing refrain from O’Brien: “The more I know, the more I care”.

Conor says of 'So Simpatico': “It’s a song of devotion; whether to a person, the self, or the art of being, a struggle for authenticity is at its core. We all jammed and recorded an early version with too many words and I took it home and simplified it until it was as pure an expression as possible. It’s a pop song about the essence of love.”

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