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Posted on Friday 4th December 2020 at 13:31

Another Friday means a whole host of new music released for your listening pleasure! This week, we check out the latest new tracks from Fontaines D.C., Greentea Peng, Yungblud and Emily Burns!

Fontaines D.C. – A Night at Montrose – Selects

Dublin post-punk quintet Fontaines D.C. performed their album ‘A Hero’s Death’ in full for a live session at Montrose, Dublin and good news… Some of our favourite tracks have been put together on an epic EP which has hit the shelves today! The 3-track collection shows Fontaines D.C. at their best and captures the essence of what it is like to be at one of their gigs. Pumped up and full of flare, these boys have sorted us out throughout lockdown, and we can't wait to see what’s next for them in 2021. Catch them perform live at Nottingham’s Rock City on 3rd May, it’s not one to miss.

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Greentea Peng – Spells

Although originally penned around the release of her 2018 debut EP ‘Sensi’, Greentea Peng has unveiled brand-new track ‘Spells’ and we can’t get enough of it. She explains the poignant meaning behind the track in an interview with DIY Magazine: “I guess this one explores the idea of tribalism and the want / illusion or desire to please everyone, thus gain acceptance. But also it’s about the idea of casting spells with negative language and behaviours we adopt and use about/ towards our peers. Words are vibrations at the end of the day and it’s called S P E L L I N G for a reason.” She’ll be playing shows in Nottingham, London and Bristol next April, pick up your tickets now.

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Yungblud – Weird

It’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! After months of anticipation and teasing fans with singles from the new album, Gen-X Rockstar Yungblud has finally unveiled his brand-new record ‘Weird! Having never much bothered much with genre, Yungblud takes a new direction as he smashes through punk, pop, psychedelia, balladry, rock and many more genres. It's wonderful and has an array of tracks that will appeal to pretty much anyone of any music taste. Catch this record at the top of the charts and pick up your tickets to see him perform it live in Nottingham’s Rock City next March!

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Emily Burns – Is It Just Me?

Racked with longing and brimming with undeniably uplifting vocals, Emily Burns has just released her latest eponymous EP ‘Is It Just Me?’ featuring JP Cooper! Melodic in that bittersweet sense, Emily places her feelings to the forefront, with lyrics that fully illuminate her thoughts and feelings, which is particularly prevalent during these uncertain times.  She comments “I think we all have that one person in our lives that we still think about, no matter how much time has passed and how far we have moved past the relationship,” and we can’t wait to see her perform the track live at Bristol’s Rough Trade next May!

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