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Posted on Thursday 9th November 2017 at 12:49

REVIEW: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Rock City (03/11/17) by Bridget O'Hara

Whatever happened to Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Well it was right here in Nottingham on Friday 3 November as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club brought a hit laden set to Rock City.

They opened with their new single Little Things Gone Wild as a taste of their eighth album coming in January, but the Californian band delighted the crowd with a career-spanning set showcasing pretty much all of their better known songs from the last 17-years.

The trio’s lead duo of guitarist Peter Hayes and bassist Robert Levon Been are as gloomy as ever on stage but songs such as Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, Six Barrel Shotgun and Ain’t No Easy Way provide plenty for the crowd of all ages to enjoy.

There’s also a well-received acoustic section but it’s still the tunes from the first album that really get the crowd going, including main set closing Spread Your Love and the aforementioned Rock ‘n’ Roll.

A new, slow song entitled Ninth Configuration seems an unusual choice for the only encore, but it also showcases the skills for song-writing that have seen BRMC outlast many of their early 00s ‘New Rock Revolution’ peers.

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