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Room Service Interview

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Posted on Thursday 18th June 2020 at 14:05

For a while now, we've all been wondering when we'll finally be able to enjoy a lovely cold pint in a bar or pub. This week, we're definitely a step closer, as Rescue Rooms announced it was opening its glorious patio to customers from 4th July. To find out all about it, we chatted to Patrick from Rescue Rooms about its Room Service!

You’ve just launched Rescue Rooms’ Room Service. Tell us a bit more about how it works

That’s right, and we’re très excited about it! We expect that the government will allow bars to open outdoor areas on Saturday 4th July, so we’re getting our patio ready to accommodate sensible, socially-distant drinkers this summer. Summer is saved!

What’s the deal with the slots system?

To ensure we can keep on top of cleanliness around the patio, bar and bathrooms, we have split the day into sessions. Each session lasts two and a half hours, perfect to sink a pint or three. These slots are bookable in advance to guarantee your table, and you get a decent bar tab as part of that booking too!

Presumably there’ll be no queueing at the bar? How can we order drinks?

No queuing at the bar will be allowed, or being inside at all, except for access to toilets and to exit via our one way system. We are in the final stages of getting our ordering app set up where people can order and pay from the comfort of their table and our staff in protective gear will bring your drinks to the table.

Give us a taste of what tasty drinks we can look forward to

Pints. Lovely, fresh, cold pints of good lager. Plus a selection of our favourite craft beers from the likes of Beavertown, Brewdog, Tiny Rebel etc. and we will also have some cocktails on offer if you’re feeling particularly flash.

Can we expect to hear the usual Rescue Rooms bangers on the patio?

Oh yeah, we’ve been keeping ourselves busy by making some great playlists anyway, so this is simply an extension of that. Expect everything from classic psychedelic rock to 90s indie b-sides, nu-disco and funk to current post-punk, and Springsteen. No themes as such, just great music.

How are you ensuring social distancing amongst customers and staff?

We’ve had the drill out and we’ve been down to Wickes. Tables have been rearranged on the patio, with wooden screens now in between each one and we’ve set up a one way system around the patio and bar to enter and exit, and to access the toilets, keeping away from the bar where the staff will be working on their own stations, 2m apart. We’re just waiting on the signage to be delivered right now!

We’re missing dancing with our friends and belting out jams at karaoke. What plans are you making for when Rescue Rooms is allowed to open fully?

Now you’re talking our language! We’re very excited to be able to open like “normal”, whenever that may be. We’ve been plotting and scheming over zoom and we have some big parties planned, and don’t worry, Karaoke won’t be going anywhere! We might also have something else up our sleeves before then too… keep an eye on our socials ;)


If you like the sound of Rescue Rooms' Room Service, you can book your slots here! 

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