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Posted on Wednesday 10th June 2020 at 12:13

Each week we’ll be sharing the alt. tickets Social Distancing Survival Guide.

The concept is simple: we choose three records, three movies, a boxset and a podcast to binge.

We all have our favourites that we always go back to, but it is always a good idea to try something new – especially right now – so be sure to keep up to date with our choices and let us know via Twitter which albums, movies, series and podcasts you recommend.

This week DHP's Data Marketing Manager Tom Sokolyk gives us his!

3 Records

Lorde – Melodrama

This won’t be a shock for anyone that knows my music taste – I honestly think this could be one of the best albums that’s been released in the last 10 years. On this record, Lorde has somehow batted away the second album syndrome completely to create this perfect body of music. Based around the ups and downs of a house party, the record covers the highs with ‘Green Light’, ‘Supercut’ and ‘Perfect Places’ to the more reflective ‘The Louvre’, ‘Liability’ and ‘Writer In The Dark’. Being lucky enough to see Lorde live at Glastonbury, just a week after its release, cemented Melodrama as one of my favourite albums.


Jamie T – Kings and Queens

Going back a few years for this one, Kings and Queens is another record I love to revisit regularly. It was released in 2009 when I was 15 years old. I remember hearing the lead single from the album ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’ for the first time as Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records when I used to listen to his Radio 1 show religiously. This track is still one that I get overly-excited about whenever it comes on in a club, but the rest of the album also holds up really well, with ‘The Man’s Machine’, ‘Chaka Demus’, and ‘Emily’s Heart’ proving to be highlights.


The Big Moon – Walking Like We Do

Although The Big Moon’s first album was a solid record, ‘Walking Like We Do’ somehow manages to improve on it. As well as lead single ‘It’s Easy Then’, the band really seem to pull it out of the bag with ‘Your Light’ and ‘Take A Piece’, as well as my favourite track ‘Barcelona’. The Big Moon’s show in Nottingham at the start of March turned out to be one of my final gigs before lockdown, which seems fitting since this album is probably the closest we’ll get to feeling summery this year.


3 Films

500 Days Of Summer

For me, this movie is pretty much perfect. The plot follows a young man who believes he’s met “the girl of his dreams” and the young girl who doesn’t believe true love exists. As well as incredible cinematography, brilliant acting from Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and a will-they-won’t they storyline, the film has a soundtrack which makes it what it is. It covers everything from the good times in the relationship with Hall & Oates’ You Make My Dreams Come True to mostly the not-so-good times with tracks from Regina Spektor, Mumm-Ra, The Temper Trap and The Smiths. I’d recommend this film for sure!


About Time

The plot on this film sounds a bit rubbish if you try to explain it to someone. Essentially, the film focuses on Domhnall Gleeson (Tim) and Rachel McAdams’ (Mary) characters and how they fall in love. Somewhere along the way, Tim’s dad (Bill Nighy) throws a curveball that all men in their family are able to time-travel. What follows is a beautiful and heart-breaking story about love and family. Like I was when I saw this in the cinema, you’ll be crying your eyes out by the end!


The Truman Show

Moving from two relatively recent films to a 90s classic. This film follows the life of an insurance salesman (played by Jim Carey) who doesn’t realise that his life is being broadcast across the world on TV as part of a very long-running reality show. What I really like about this movie is how grand the set up is to broadcast this one person’s every move, but also how feasible this would be as a real life concept. If you’ve not seen it yet, I’m sure you’re going to love it!


A Boxset

Parks and Recreation

If you’re looking for your next TV show to watch, I’d highly recommend Parks and Recreation. The nine seasons document the Parks department of Pawnee, a fictional Indiana city and all of the weird and wonderful people who work there throughout their career and lives. In a way similar to Friends, the TV show hooks you with the characters and their relationships with each other. You’ll definitely love it and once you’re invested, it’ll be difficult to say goodbye to your new Pawnee friends.


A Podcast

A podcast I’ve been listening to recently is the Thekla Isolation Discs. Each week, Chris Arnold and the Thekla team chat to various musicians, most of whom have played the boat at some point in their careers. Past episodes include IDLES, Beans On Toast, Cassia and Heavy Lungs. If you’re feeling a bit of lockdown induced boredom, this podcast will definitely help!

Listen to Thekla Isolation Discs podcast here.

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