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Posted on Monday 20th March 2017 at 09:27

FanFair Alliance have today published a guide made for music fans to beat the touts when buying gig tickets online. Backed by alt. tickets, as well as the likes of Ed Sheeran, Mumford and Sons, You Me At Six and Royal Blood, the guide gives ticket buyers 10 tops tips to secure tickets for popular music events.

These tips include:

  • Get alerts! People usually miss out on tickets for a simple reason - they hear about an event too late. To get on the inside track, sign up to your favourite artists’ mailing lists and social media accounts - as well as mailing lists for venues, festivals, event promoters and ticket sellers. 
  • Don't trust search engines! Increasingly, search engine results for concerts and festivals are dominated by the big secondary ticketing websites – GET ME IN!, Seatwave, StubHub and Viagogo – all of whom spend big money to top the rankings. We advise that you ignore search engines and go straight to the artist website. This is where you should fi nd defi nitive information about ticket sales and the authorised ticket agents. 
  • Get organised! Save valuable time by registering and creating an account with any authorised ticket sellers. And on the day tickets go on sale: make sure you’re up and awake in time, that you’re logged in to the relevant ticket page, that you know the location of the ‘buy’ button, and you’ve got a credit or debit card handy. Keep open the websites of other authorised sellers too. 

See the full FanFair Alliance guide here.

Take a look at what Ed Sheeran, Royal Blood, Mumford and Sons and Radiohead's Ed O'Brien had to say about ticket touting and FanFair Alliance!

Ed Sheeran: “It's important to get educated about ticket touts. Read the advice in the FanFair Alliance guide - find out who the authorised ticket sellers are, avoid the secondary sites...and if you've got to sell a ticket, sell if for face value.”

Royal Blood: “We want our fans to have a fair opportunity to buy tickets at face value. We applaud the work of the Fan Fair Alliance in their efforts to bring greater transparency to the murky world of ticket touting.” 

Mumford & Sons: “Read these ten simple tips and always go to the artist's website if you want to know the best place to buy your tickets in the future.”

Ed O’Brien (Radiohead):“The sheer scale of online ticket touting is a major problem for the live music business: artists know it, and audiences at the sharp end certainly do. I fully support the FanFair Alliance campaign to raise awareness around so-called secondary ticketing and to help stop people getting ripped off.”



alt. tickets believe that you should never pay over the odds for gig tickets, so we're proud to be supporting FanFair Alliance, as well as helping fans combat touts in other ways, such as offering on sale reminders and waiting lists for sold out events.


Read the full FanFair Alliance guide here.

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